Katie! (babaycakes0088) wrote,

I thought we were taking the PSAE today, and I get to school and I found out it was the ACT. Well, I think it may have been the easiest thing I have ever done in my life. But now I'm worried, because when you think it's easy you end up doing bad. I thought it was hard last time, and did good. Oh well. I just wanna go to college.

I have to stay overnight in Peoria Saturday night :\ At least I have Friday night? But I gotta leave by 8 Saturday morning. At least I had one weekend off. I'm really starting to miss my social life. Only one more month and it's over.

My sister comes home in two weeks I think? And my brother in three? I'm excited. I really hate coming home to an empty house everyday.

And I am sick to death of boys. I am too young to get caught up with them. They are being put on hold until summer.
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